Thursday, August 22, 2013

My Steal

I don't often post about my great deals, but this one was just too good to not share. For $46, I got 16 packages of macaroni n' cheese; 12 pounds of frozen peas/frozen mixed vegetables; nearly 25 pounds of plums, peaches, and grapes (ALL of which were ripe and edible and didn't get wasted at home); a couple meals' worth of chicken; and gluten and rye flour, which I was running out of.*

No coupons, no club or shopper cards, just reading the old-fashioned print ads in my mailbox and making the trip to the specific store for items I knew I had been needing for a while.

If you took out the few items that weren't on sale, it would have been even more impressive; but it bugs me when couponing- and deal-sites just show the ultimate savings they scored without admitting to the fact that they probably bought a few other items on the side. This picture reflects a shopping trip in sum total, the real thing, and not a single item was purchased without being on the list before I left the house.

*I add the gluten to my whole wheat bread, and my sourdough likes rye flour so I put it in there half-and-half with white.

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