Monday, August 26, 2013

Monday Menus

Leftover pancakes, cottage cheese with pears ≈≈ Lentil soup, rice, beets
Hash browns, eggs ≈≈ Chicken cacciatore, green beans
Strawberries-and-cream oatmeal ≈≈ Tuna noodle casserole, frozen veggies
Cornbread, smoothie ≈≈ Burritos, corn
Apricot-date-nut oatmeal ≈≈ Mini quiches in zucchini crust, rolls
Oatmeal chocolate chip muffins ≈≈ Leftovers
Fast Sunday ≈≈ Pancakes, applesauce, eggs

Nora really enjoyed the lentil soup tonight -- she waxed eloquent about it, and then asked if this kind of food was 'famous'. Almost, kiddo, almost...

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