Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Caramel Apple Pull-Apart Bread

I usually make a double batch of bread -- four loaves at a time -- and playing with a loaf's worth of the dough is fun when I'm not in a rush. I used to do cinnamon rolls as a matter of course, even though it's plain unsweetened dough, then I branched out into occasional orange-cardamom rolls or homemade pita chips. All delicious, but...

Last week I ran across a simple technique for making pull-apart bread, and tried a caramel apple version which is my new favorite thing to do with a loaf's worth of bread dough.

(I know, apparently I'm way behind on Pinterest trends, but that's because I actually have a life, thank you very much.)

I peeled an apple then used my food processor's thin slicing attachment, and since I'm a quick pro at peeling, those apple slices were done lickety-split. I rolled out the dough, sprinkled on the cinnamon, sugar, and apples, and sliced it up into the requisite strips. I was pretty messy at stacking the strips and layering the loaf, but I really don't think anyone cared. Between the seven of us that day, it was gone in a gooey second. More, please.

And credit where credit is due, the actual source for my initial inspiration was Alaska from Scratch. I did use the caramel glaze part of her recipe to pour over the top of my bread.

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