Monday, November 12, 2012

The Trip

The Trip
youtube some clips and check it out
Not only is it the title of an awesomely funny movie which I highly recommend (along with the mustache game*), but it's also what causes trash to accumulate in my car most quickly.  And peanuts, it's the source of all those random peanuts I find for months later even after I thought I had cleaned pretty thoroughly.

So, we spent at least 14 hours in the car Friday through Sunday, but we got to spend all of Saturday back in the town where Lucy was born, visiting all sorts of sites and mountaintops and some awesome friends.  We picked apples at our favorite orchard, took a wonderful waterfall hike, and went back to the children's museum that our kids explored as toddlers.

I complain a little bit every time S. insists that we make the trip because he 'left his heart there', but I must admit it brought back really warm memories.  And made some great new ones.

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