Thursday, November 1, 2012

Post-Sandy and Panzanella

We made it through just fine, thanks to the BEST neighbors ever (and an extension cord to their generator).  We also took advantage of a gas stovetop that can still cook tomato soup, hot water for cocoa packets, and all sorts of warm goodness for our tummies when the lights and heaters aren't running.  We only lost power for 15 hours and had no damage at all, which is mind-boggling since we were right in the main path of the eye.  We're beyond grateful.

Moving back into normalcy, we had a real dinner (panzanella) last night, and school started up again this morning.

Panzanella is best in the summer, when you've just picked everything out of your garden, but it was still amazingly delicious last night and a nice counter-meal to the trick-or-treating that followed.

I saw it described as the salad-hater's salad, because it's really just a sandwich in salad form.  I loved that image -- it really is reminiscent of a good summery tomato sandwich!  Toast your own seasoned croutons in the oven, mix with tomatoes, cucumbers, mozzarella, and dressing.  (Lettuce and/or basil leaves are optional.)

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