Saturday, November 3, 2012


Pork stir-fry

If I could get away with it, I would make stir-fry a lot more often.  The kids would basically starve, so I don't...but S. and I love it.  It's visually appealing, tastes good, and you can really pile it on until you're stuffed.  One thing I've been enjoying lately with my stir-fries is to add some tamarind, it's just a little sweet and exotic and the kids have actually given better reviews when I use it.

We had a pretty good time with thrift store costumes this year -- I did sew Sage's faux leather tunic, but felt like it was easier time- and money-wise to really get creative with stuff off the cheap racks.  Between treats to give out and 6 costumes, we probably spent close to $100, which I figure isn't a horrible amount...just don't tell Ian that he was wearing women's capris!

Archer, No-Face, Red Riding Hood, Pirate

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