Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Moroccan Soup and Other Tips

This time, mine really did look like this.
Harira.  And cooked cabbage as a side.  Everyone gave it a big two thumbs up.

And for frugal tips of the day, I have a few:

If you like those foaming hand soaps, next time you run empty, don't buy another one; just keep the bottle, and refill it with regular hand soap about 1/3 or more, add water to the top, and gently swirl it together.  It works just as well as storebought and is incredibly cost-effective when you buy a nice bulk soap refill.  Just pick a scent you really love, 'cause it will be a good year or more before you have to buy another one!

I could take my own, much much better picture,
but then I'd have to upload it and all.
Also, join freecycle.  It's been invaluable to me for cleaning out my own basement and closets more easily, and knowing that what I gave away was really something somebody wanted (as opposed to just donating it to Goodwill and hoping); and last weekend, we scored an awesome desk for Ian's room.

It's sturdy, and beautiful (with some vintage character), and huge, and it looks wonderful in his room.  Even better, his backpack and endless books and papers are no longer all over the kitchen table and floor all day long.  BEST of all, it was absolutely FREE.  In fact, it's just the kind of desk S. dreams of, he's a little jealous...though for the greater good of unclutteredness, he's willing to let the kid keep it.

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