Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Flourishing Update

Lately we've eaten carrot soup, a very tasty new chili recipe (along with cornbread), our favorite tuna Nicoise, and a chef's salad.

I'm also finding that the truism (Parkinson's law) "work will expand to fill the time alotted to it" is something I have to contend with.  I've spent my newly child-free days getting ahead on dinner for the evening soccer/Scouts rush, putting some extra time into writing, and listening to lots of TED talks, Mormon devotionals, and This American Life podcasts while I do my regular chores.  But really, I haven't yet spent big chunks of time doing extra leisure activities such as reading, shopping, or watching movies.  I haven't even done all the yard work (which to me is basically a leisure activity, I enjoy being outside so much) that I meant to have done before school got underway.  There are tons of sewing, cooking, and craft projects I'd love to get my hands into that still seem to have no hope of happening.

But, in general terms, I think I'm flourishing wonderfully.  My floors remain unswept despite no kids dropping lunchtime crumbs, but I figure that ten years down the road it won't matter as much as spending consistent, diligent time writing, practicing my flute, exercising, and feeding my brain in general.  So those are my main priorities right now: keeping good food on the table and clean clothes on our backs; demanding of myself that I write something coherent every so often rather than just aimlessly browsing the endless facts that fascinate me; getting exercise and flute practice regularly so that I don't lose ground.  That plus being available for family interactions, errands, service, and keeping spiritually alert is essentially what I aim for, and I think that's a pretty high standard.  I've worked really hard over the years at learning how to do things well and efficiently so that now, with the kids gone, I should be able to reap the rewards of a disciplined life -- if Parkinson's law combined with the odd amnesia of opening my email doesn't derail me!  (Does anyone else have that strange forgetfulness the minute you see your inbox?)

So, I think I am pursuing happiness in the sense of my original goal*.  My children will have many tangible memories of me playing my flute, and of falling asleep to my piano playing or my voice reading a few poems to them.  They'll have heirloom recipes that they know how to prepare.

I have lots and lots of good pictures preserved in scrapbooks, current through about July 2011 -- I work hard at organizing and editing the photos digitally and then actually putting them on pages in some form.  Those scrapbooks are some of my most valuable possessions, even though I'm not a particularly talented photographer or scrapbooker.

And, I'm starting to get more attached to this little blog of mine, as I've put a little more personal substance and heart into it.  It's not much, but it does reflect some consecrated time for me, as I've tried to share thoughts in a way that will uplift and motivate others, and help me to refine my own life and ideas. 

And yes, I realize how dang lucky I am.  Always, every day.

Thanks for reading, everyone!

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  1. Kristin--I'm constantly impressed (and inspired) by your thoughtful approach to parenting (and eating). I'm not quite there yet--right now we're just trying to get through the sleep-deprived newborn stage--but I hope someday to be this organized!