Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Can't think of anything deep right now, but we did have a good time with food yesterday (though the aftermath in my kitchen sink this morning is not as fun).  It was S.'s "binge day" for this diet, and he enjoyed having literal carte blanche.  Multiple candy bars, cupcakes, pieces of pie, and unlimited pizza didn't hurt him a bit...usually he feels like even the tiniest misstep in portions or junk food sets him back a huge amount, but this morning he reported that he didn't gain any weight at all.  (In fact, he lost a little, but he also donated blood, so it probably breaks even.)  He's delighted, and probably doesn't mind going back on the diet knowing that he'll get another junk day next Monday.

The rest of us didn't get quite the unlimited junk that he did, but we did enjoy pizza for dinner and lemon meringue pie for FHE dessert.  We also had guests on Sunday, and between all our various contributions, we enjoyed chicken cacciatore, salad, gourmet bread, watermelon, and cupcakes.

Frugality -- we're still using the dining table we bought at a garage sale 9 years ago for $20.  If you ever wonder why we've always got the fancy tablecloth look going, there are two reasons: the table underneath looks so bad, plus I'd rather throw the tablecloth in the laundry (after I use both sides!) than be constantly wiping down the spills.  

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