Monday, August 27, 2012

First Day of School

Over the weekend we ate minestrone, pizza, and a big salad with our movie popcorn on Saturday night.  Have I mentioned that we make our own popcorn in a big pot on the stove?  No surprise, of course -- cheaper and healthier than microwave, and since we now embrace going beyond fat-free, it's yummier by far than air-popped.  As a bonus, S. has taken it on as his own special job and loves making it, filling the pot extra-full of kernels and watching as they push up the lid.  We have striped plastic popcorn containers for the kids that we fill up for the movie, so it's really nice.

In other news, my new phase of life has begun.  Though I'm trying to keep my expectations low (remember, that's the secret of happiness...sometimes...) and to realize that the stress of four kids coming home from school all at once will probably outweigh the quiet time during the day, I'm still excited.  But this will be our busiest season yet in terms of extra-curricular activities with two kids in piano, one in soccer, and wrestling season.  It's more than we've ever tackled before.  I'm hoping, though, really hoping, that there will indeed be more time for me.  To write, to exercise, to practice music, to read, to sew, to visit friends.  We'll see.

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