Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Saved this draft and never posted yesterday...

Fish sticks, salad, plain rice.  It remains to be seen whether having the kids gone during the day will improve my cooking, it certainly didn't do much yesterday!  I already spend about as much time in the kitchen as any mom reasonably should, so it's not going to change much, but it is a little sad that I was still late with dinner yesterday, especially when I used my first bagged salad in years (its sell-by date was yesterday so it was a dollar when I was grocery shopping, I grabbed it) and frozen fish sticks.  But, getting everyone out the door in the morning is essentially two hours of wasted time that I didn't have to factor into my summer days, and then everyone brings home papers and junk for me to sift through.  So I did OK...and so did they.  No one cried or got lost or made any enemies or dropped their lunch on the floor or skinned their knee or any minor disasters like that.  This year was the smoothest first-day we've had, I think.

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