Tuesday, July 17, 2012

I'd like to have written something amazing over this little gap of blogging, but really, what I mostly did was utterly and completely flub "Called to Serve" on the organ and give a deposition.  Neither of which leads to amazing food writing...

As I was being bummed about many things combined on Sunday night -- organ failures (haha) and the deposition the next day and more relational stuff with my mother -- I was commenting to S. that I just felt horrible and wanted a paper bag over my head.  He responded that very few people would have even stepped up to the organ challenge and risk making mistakes in front of the whole congregation.  So hey, if one of my qualities is that I'm willing to take a chance and look dumb, I guess I'm probably doing OK.  

So, Lucy was in charge of Sunday dinner and chose Cuban black beans, though we were sadly skimpy on tomatoes.  (My garden tomato bushes are above my head and full of fruit, but it's all maddeningly and everlastingly green!!  Is there a reason they won't ripen??)
Last night I made us chicken divan and some cooked carrots, and S. made these awesome sugar cookie bowls for dessert and filled them with pistachio pudding.  Even the two littlest, who notoriously don't eat much/finish their food, had seconds of dinner and left no crumb of dessert.  Nice.

And as for cheapness, yes, I'm that lady who washes out her Ziploc bags.  Not the sandwich-size ones, thank you, nor any that held meat.  But everything else.

Have a great one, everybody.

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