Thursday, July 12, 2012

Dhal Makhani

There's a Costco product called Madras Lentils that is simply to die for -- they very frequently feature it as a free sample, so you've likely tasted it -- but it's SO expensive.  I've broken down and bought it three times, but each little pouch is barely a serving size and is two bucks worth.

So I recently went on a hunt for a recipe that could begin to duplicate it.  Enter last night's dinner.

Nobody thought it actually was recognizably the same as the Costco stuff, but I thought it was a pretty dang good start.  (And they all licked their plates nonetheless.)  It was also a quarter the price or less, and I was amazed at how much delicious, healthy ingredients went into it.  It also didn't take any longer to cook than my other home-cooked meals that involve some soaking of dry beans and chopping of onions, so all the dire statements about its long preparation time were a little overblown.

So, I'm definitely going to add this to my bean repertoire, and keep messing with it.  It's apparently called dhal makhani, and is so popular that maybe if I'd ever yet been to an Indian restaurant I would know of it.  Here's the site I used, though I'll freely admit that I don't really "follow" recipes, I sort of loosely approximate them.

I need more words than "yum", but that's what I've got, so...

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