Saturday, June 16, 2012

Cooking merit badge = Ian planning and cooking a full day's worth of meals.  We had his Portuguese 'lawnmower soup' on Thursday, which ended up needing a ton of salt and being a tad late (putting S. behind for a home teaching appointment), but was otherwise quite an accomplishment.  He's done bread before, but it's been a while, and a real dinner requires some actual juggling of simultaneous steps, so I'm proud of him.

I meant to think of something other than pizza or pasta last night, but it ended up being 4 pm and nothing came to mind so we did pizza.  The crust was mostly white this time, though, which was a fun treat.

This morning, we went berry-picking, which we nearly always have done the morning before Father's Day since we moved here.  This time they had blueberries ready, and we had never ever picked those before, so we all enjoyed the new experience.  Though nothing beats the smell of fresh, fresh strawberries in the back of the car, so I'm glad we had a little flat of those too.

Saving money -- haircuts.  I cut both S.'s and Ian's hair this week, so that they'll look their best for pictures next Saturday at a family wedding.  I've never had formal training, but am one of plenty of moms have that as a domestic skill sort of in their pocket; and since I've seen my mom do it all my life and then have been practicing on my own family for 13 years, I'm getting pretty confident at it, at least in the basics.

We recently found someone else's receipt in our car, and it was a hair salon bill for a kid's cut, some highlights, and some other conditioning treatment that I forget.  $108.  So wow, I guess my enterprising spirit with the clippers and shears has really added up the invisible dollars.

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