Monday, March 26, 2012

Quarterly Report

So, I've been trying to Flourish for about 3 months now, and I thought I'd do a little self-evaluation.  It's actually going extremely well, I've managed to sustain a few initiatives simultaneously.  I'm practicing my flute about two hours a week now, which while it isn't much, is enough to actually give me some traction and improvement.
Besides the blog, I'm also working on writing prompts about 5 days a week, which have accumulated to at least 15,000 words I've written this year.  None of them are stunning, but it represents real progress in the actual direction of becoming a writer someday.
I'm still exercising about 3 hours a week, which wasn't a new habit but has taken some real commitment to maintain while adding these other things.  I even learned a new skill, taking a little course in climbing and belaying so that now Scott and I can go to the rock gym occasionally.  We went on a double date there recently, and hope to take the kids sometime in the next few months.
I'm also still baking and cooking, as of course you know.  I've got our garden underway already as well, which is always exciting to me.  The kids have chosen some areas of their own and will hopefully be taking charge of them for the first time.  The newly-tilled earth is still weed-free and at that beautiful, hopeful stage when the garden is planned and some seeds have been planted but the real chaos hasn't kicked in yet.
By the way, I have to give public props to my husband for habitually taking on more chores this year without being asked.  He's become a real partner in some of those little things that make such a difference, especially dishes.
Lastly, my nursery calling is also coming along nicely, though we're now up to 10 boys and 2 girls, with at least 3 more boys to come later in the year that I can think of.  It all makes my life a little crazy...but I feel very encouraged and, should I jinx it?, fulfilled and balanced.  Stressed as well, mainly because of home updating on top of it all, but mostly thrilled to be taking some strides of my own.

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