Thursday, March 1, 2012

The epitome of good food and food storage items overlapping, at least for our family: our classic Caldo Verde (except, true to form, I add beans to mine) made entirely, entirely from stuff I desperately needed to rotate.  And except for the sausage, all of it could be items kept indefinitely in my storage.
I used instant mashed potato flakes, dried onions, dry beans, jarred garlic, and an old old can of Glory brand southern collard greens that I've never known quite what to do with.  It really was perfect!  It thrilled me to think that we could eat this well even in dire straits.  (I know, I need better thrills.)

CALDO VERDE -- PORTUGUESE GREEN SOUP (My siblings and I nicknamed it Lawnmower Soup)
1 c. red or white beans
7 c. water
2 tsp. crushed garlic
1 T. dried onions
½ bunch collards, tough stems removed (or kale or spinach), sliced thinlly chiffonade-style
½-1 lb. kielbasa or chorizo, sliced and browned
1 c. potato flakes (or 1 medium potato, cubed, added at the beginning with the garlic, etc.)
Salt, pepper
Place beans in crock pot with water to cover, soak overnight.  Next day drain and rinse, add 7 c. water, garlic, onions, and some salt, cook on high 3 hours, low 8 hours, or till tender.  Add collards, potato flakes, and sausage including drippings.  Cook another 30 minutes, adjust seasonings and serve.  (Alternatively, kale will need to cook for an hour or two, spinach only 10 minutes or so, if using those as greens.)

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