Sunday, February 7, 2010

This Week

First off, I ordered a food processor. When we were married we were given a mini-one that was too small to be worth cleaning, so I gave it away, and I've never had one. Surprising, since people who cook a lot less intensively than I do consider one essential...but yesterday I finally ordered one. I'm very stoked. But until it comes and I break out the new me, here are our menu plans for the week:

Split pea soup, biscuits, spinach sauteed in bacon grease
Stir fry, including fresh sprouts
Pita bread, hummus, carrot and celery sticks (store-bought hummus, since I just don't think the shipping on my new Braun will quite make it by then)
Mulligatawny soup and rice
Spaghetti, butternut squash
Shepherd's pie, green salad
Pancakes, waffles, bacon, applesauce

S. and I are both looking forward to the mulligatawny, but I bet the shepherd's pie and split pea soup nights
win with my kids. We'll see, I'll report back later.

And we celebrated a little Chinese New Year on Sunday with homemade potstickers (including homemade skins), egg drop soup, chopsticks, and a chocolate orange left over from Christmas as a nod to traditional "lucky" oranges.

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