Tuesday, April 26, 2016


I missed last week's menus...I worked over 13 hours at my part-time farm job, plus travel time, so it cut into luxury pursuits like blogging!

But here's for this week.

Monday: Scones, vegetables au gratin
Tuesday: Stir-fry
Wednesday: Fish sticks, pasta with pesto
Thursday: Carrot soup
Friday: I'll try cooking that dopiaza I mentioned a couple weeks ago, along with a salad
Saturday: Baked beans, rice, beets
Sunday: Pancakes and waffles, applesauce, eggs
(Though, our electric griddle is out of commission since we lent it out and it came back with the wrong cord. We haven't yet been able to track down where the correct cord might have ended up, so we're using a frying pan in the meantime. Less elegant and efficient.)

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