Tuesday, March 8, 2016


Trying to get back into the groove after a week away for a family funeral. Both the groove of cooking (hallelujah, I had a nice break) and the groove of eating a little more healthily. In my extended in-law family, we don't have TMI moments, we have TMF. As in, even in death, my mother-in-law still provided Too Much Food. And when I stepped on the scale back at home yesterday, whooey! There are a few rather hilarious food stories from this past trip, but I'll save them for a family blog post.

This week --
Monday: Rice, garlicky green beans
Tuesday: Pasta with pesto, garden salad
Wednesday: Pan-fried fish, cornbread, cooked cabbage
Thursday: Carrot soup
Friday: Pizza
Saturday: Burgers and such at a church dinner
Sunday: The Usual pancakes

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