Monday, June 29, 2015

Monday Menus-and-Garden

Our garden currently seems to be just in that perfect balance of producing a nice variety, but without overwhelming-and-tiring amounts of any one vegetable. We've recently had baked flounder covered in abundant homegrown parsley, dill, and green onions; a parmesan/ricotta pasta with tons of shelled peas as well as sugar snap pods and a zucchini; and a head of lettuce every few days. We've also had good meal-sized harvests of beets, with more to come, and green beans are just starting.

I just hope my tomatoes and peppers get a little more on 'em, my pepper plants are huge and leafy but not really fruiting, while my tomatoes are rather sad and spindly-looking. I take care of about 180 tomato plants for my farm job and they're going like gangbusters, so I'm not sure what the exact difference is, they've been on the same timeline and have the same care.

In any case, here are our meal plans for this week:

Today: Curried potatoes, salad
Tuesday: Rice pilaf with coconut milk and peas
Wednesday: Chimichangas, canned corn
Thursday: Salmon burgers, fresh fridge pickles (made today with the dozen 'picklebush' cukes we've harvested as yet)
Friday: Pizza, zucchini
Saturday: Island pork roast, veggie TBD
Sunday: Salad with sweet peppers and leftover pork, biscuits

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