Thursday, November 27, 2014

For once, a relaxing Thanksgiving

I'm not hosting this year, or traveling, or feeling sick...we're just going a half-mile or so away, and so I'm experiencing something I never have before:
a stress-free Thanksgiving!

We're bringing the turkey, and so I had to clear dishes out of the sink this morning before getting that into the oven, but now all I have to do is enjoy the wafting aroma. (That, and the enchanting task that is basting. Squeezing rivulets of golden liquid is pretty dang fun, S. and I tend to either squabble over who gets to do it, or do it way too often.) All our other offerings -- pies, cranberry sauce, the stuffing I put into the turkey -- were done over the course of the week before today. And of course, I no longer have demanding little kids, mine are at the age where they're happy to be left to pursue their own interests.

So, I have time to sit down and write. Who knows, maybe I'll manage another Flourishing post. Or at least add the soup section to the cookbook.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

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