Friday, September 5, 2014

Tortillas A-plenty

We've started going through corn tortillas like there's no tomorrow, it's our new thing here.

They're often our go-to for breakfast, lunch, snack, and dinner. Easy enough to grab off the shelf and eat almost plain (one of my kids does), but with a rich corn-ness and a million ways to dress them up, we are really loving us some tortillas!

Huevos rancheros or a quick scrambled egg taco to start the day; quesadillas at any hour, at home or packed in a lunch; layered as chilaquiles for dinner, sliced into strips and crisped up to throw on top of black bean soups or Mexican-themed salads, or simply turned into tacos or tostadas.

My husband pointed out, slightly worriedly, that Americans already eat more corn than just about anyone else, in the sense that the mainstays of our national diet are based on corn products such as oils and syrups, additives derived from corn, and meats from animals fed largely on corn.

I reassured him (as he flipped his tortilla in its pan to check that it was blistering up nicely) that those facts simply reflect the top-down nature of our food processing industries and agricultural policies, not that corn tortillas are unhealthy in and of themselves. (Plus, to balance it out, we don't eat much meat or processed food anyway...)

Which is good, because now that I think about it, we go through a pretty huge amount of popping corn as well...

Michael Pollan excerpt on corn

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