Wednesday, June 25, 2014

We All Have Those Days

This week has been a little different. My two oldest are away at camps, which leaves us with a new dynamic here at home, and apparently also less motivation for cooking. The other factor in my lax planning is simply that I'm very tired, between driving one of said kids to camp AAALLLLLL day Monday and then spending most of yesterday in pursuit of a DMV building that had changed locations.

So, we're especially grateful that S. made us a cake to start off our week, since that's about the only decent food we've had in the past few days.

Anyway, here it is: the week's breakfast and dinner menus.

Norwegian cake ≈≈ Grilled cheese sandwiches, canned corn
Random leftovers ≈≈ Scalloped potatoes (Underdone/crunchy with slightly moldy-tasting cheese. Yum.)
Muesli ≈≈ Tuna noodle, broccoli
Rice with cinnamon and sugar, scrambled eggs, smoothie ≈≈ Asian chicken salad
Butterscotch oatmeal ≈≈ Stir fry
Pancakes, applesauce ≈≈ Quiche
Cereal ≈≈ Chili, cornbread

We all have those days. (Gif link)

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