Tuesday, May 20, 2014


Pancakes, applesauce ≈≈ Eggs Kristin*, garden salad
Apple-blueberry oatmeal with almonds and cream ≈≈ scalloped potatoes, spinach
Rice with cinnamon and sugar, scrambled eggs ≈≈ Minestrone
Cream of wheat, smoothie ≈≈ Goulash**, celery and cucumber sticks with dip
Butterscotch oatmeal ≈≈ Fish sticks, noodles, cooked carrots
Cranberry muffins ≈≈ Winter salad, other potluck items
Cereal ≈≈ Pancakes, applesauce, eggs

*Sunny-side up eggs over toast with a light curry-mustard béchamel sauce
**We call it goulash, but it's got lots of rice, lentils, and peas in with the hamburger and tomato rather than the usual pasta.

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