Monday, February 3, 2014

Cheese Flan

Last week, I listed a 'cheese flan' on my menu, and said I would report back. For a long-anticipated first try, it did not disappoint. I also served roasted brussels sprouts, and there were NO leftovers of either one. 

The recipe calls for the eggs to be separated: the yolks go along with cheddar cheese in the bottom layer, while the whites are beaten and combined with Parmesan for the lighter, crustier top layer. The crust was sprinkled with green onions and bacon bits just like a quiche might be.

I'll need to tweak the quantity, because I didn't have the correct pan size at all, and it was spread a little too thin; but now that I've seen the result, I'm confident in doubling the recipe for this pan. It should be tall and mighty next time!

Note: the recipe came from The Great Green Cookbook by Rosamund Richardson. I haven't seen much else on the web like it, though a search for 'souffle tart' was the closest I came.

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