Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Monday Menus

This week, I'm totally enjoying the fact that the first *really* fresh, fall seasonal produce is in the stores -- sweet potatoes, cranberries, pears, and of course, pumpkins and apples. A baked sweet potato is about the most homey comfort food I can imagine, right after dumplings floating on top of a big pot of real homemade chicken soup... I can't wait to eat up!

Strawberry oatmeal with cream ≈≈ Baked sweet potatoes, cooked spinach with bacon bits
Raisin-date muesli ≈≈ Chicken soup with dumplings
Rice with cinnamon and sugar, cottage cheese and pears ≈≈ Scalloped potatoes, flounder, carrots
Cornbread, smoothie ≈≈ Greek minestrone
Butterscotch oatmeal ≈≈ Pizza, fresh veggies and hummus
Cranberry-banana muffins ≈≈ Asian chicken salad
Cereal ≈≈ Pumpkin pancakes (recipe by my pal Rivka), applesauce, scrambled eggs

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