Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Flourishing: Conference

I guess I need to give a little context, since some of these statements are unclear without providing a window into my mental state. I’ve been doing really well mentally and emotionally, especially in terms of dealing with difficult parental issues this past year, but there are always lingering fears and guilt that I think God would like me to be free of. 

At the beginning of the school year, S. gave me a priesthood blessing. What was spoken was slightly surprising, but powerful; it tended to focus on topics of healing and wholeness, peace and forgiveness, along with a few reprimands. It clearly demanded action and faith on my part in a way that was unusual for the blessings I tend to receive. So, I’ve definitely been pondering these things in the intervening weeks, and was looking for related impressions while I listened to the speakers at General Conference.

So, this is my own personal summary/paraphrase of what I got out of all the sessions. Some of it is nearly-quotes, but most of it is a synthesis of spoken ideas with inner inspiration.

I can reflect Christ in womanhood; cultivate and refine my relationships; and aspire to ennoblement. I also can inspire all this in others.

I can have faith to be healed spiritually and become whole, through mercy and grace which minister quietly and without limits. I can let go of my weapons and my burdens at the Lord’s feet.

I have an abundance of power and blessings as I faithfully receive ordinances. I can then rely on the Lord and feel his love more constantly, clearly, and personally.

I have been given divine yearnings, along with vulnerability; as I couple them with the grace of Christ’s atonement, I can hope for all these things.

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