Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Lenten Leftovers

I've recently started a yearly Lent tradition, even though I don't celebrate Lent as part of my religion.  What I try to do is make myself eat up all the old food languishing in the back of cupboards and fact, one year we made a  potluck event of it with some willing friends.  I remember they brought some old candy canes, which were a huge hit with the kids.  I think we also used a bunch of old Cub Scout popcorn packets up, stuff like that.

So, I need to start planning some quinoa dishes...and some way to use a bunch of pearl tapioca (not the quick-cooking kind) that I optimistically thought I would make a bunch of bubble smoothies with last summer.  ha.

On the opposite end, though, we're sad that we've used up all our bread-and-butter pickles and pickled beets from two years ago; we didn't get a harvest last year and so we've been stretching them out, but they're gone.  I'm also bummed that I'm having to buy storebought canned tomatoes now, too.  I felt like I had tons from last summer, but I've learned a little now about which types of canning to focus on. More plain ol' diced and whole, and less fancy sauce.  (Can't wait for this summer's garden!)

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