Saturday, January 26, 2013

Flourishing Within (part 2)

I've written on this blog about both meditation and visualization; and just this week I watched a 10-minute TED talk on the subject and was inspired to post again.

The talk was by a guy named Andy Puddicombe, and he used the wonderful word mindful.  (He also juggled, which certainly added to his presentation.)  He pointed out how rarely most of us actually inhabit the present moment, despite the fact that really, we spend our whole lives in the present moment.

My prior posts were about my own personal experiences with meditation, but in the hopes that these mental practices will resonate with as many people as possible, I thought I'd point out Andy's expertise as well.

His talk:

A great little 10-step tutorial with graphics by the same guy:
and as a follow-up, how to overcome the common obstacles:

If you can't meditate daily (heck, I don't, not yet at least), there's still value in giving yourself a regular time of awareness and reconnection with what really matters.  The concept of a Sabbath day is certainly one I embrace, and I found another pretty cool angle on that on this site:

It's never too late to try it.  You'll thank yourself.

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