Wednesday, December 5, 2012


A somewhat random chowder last night, with potatoes and corn, celery and onions, broccoli and canadian bacon.  (And some bouillon and bacon grease for extra flavor.)  I used whole milk in it but wished I hadn't run out of cream, I guess that's how spoiled I'm getting with my dairy!

I'm trying to be frugal by hanging onto a particular Pyrex measuring cup that doesn't really have any markings on it anymore.  It's not that old, but I always want it handy rather than in the dirty dishes, so I usually just do a quick swish-and-rub with my hands under the running water and the friction keeps taking all the markings off.  I've used sharpie to freshen them up, then tried nail polish, then sharpie again but this time double-layered and heat-set with a blow dryer.  And dang if they don't keep coming off!  But I really don't want to replace it...and since I'm already known for being a bit arbitrary with measurements (though I take issue with that, S!), I guess it doesn't matter too much.  Right?

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