Monday, December 17, 2012

Angels on High

Lasagna, which we almost never have.  We were out of cottage cheese, so let me tell ya, feta tasted pretty dang good instead...

The kids all pitched in to put it together, and then we left it in the oven with a delay-timer set while we went to the last, exhaustingly-long choir practice before next Sunday's performance.  
By the end of the rehearsal I was literally just squeaking, if a sound came out at all, and finally just threw my music down and started laughing because I sounded so funny.  But I was gratified to be tapped as one of the two first sopranos on our hard, high piece, and it will sound fantastic when we're fresh again next week.

Enjoying cheapness again, S. and I went to an annual free concert at a Methodist church downtown, which is directed by a friend of ours in the other ward.  He's amazing.  As someone commented last night after the event, the world needs more Neil Harmons.  And live music, ringing through a beautiful cathedral-like room, is heavenly.

In general, I'm trying to be cheap on the one hand and as generous as possible on the other to those who really need it, and I've been very conscious of little blessings that have come as I've (often secretly) reached out with time and money.  I feel the Lord is very aware of me right now, and am grateful that he lifts me up even in the mundane things that would otherwise overwhelm me.

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