Saturday, September 8, 2012

Sambal Kol Kembang

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I guess I've been on a foreign food kick lately, what with falafel and dhal and now this Indonesian cauliflower soup I tried last night.  

I didn't have any rice to serve with it, which would have been more appropriate than our boxed macaroni and cheese, but it was still good and got the stamp of approval by most of my family.  

It was basically an onion, a tomatillo (substituted for a green chile), and garlic all mashed in a food processor before being sauteed a little.  Then the cauliflower along with a can of coconut milk and some water, some tamarind juice and soy sauce, turmeric, and salt.  When the cauliflower was cooked to taste, I added a couple diced tomatoes and simmered briefly.
My version

I do also have something to add to my post about riches. It's that S. and I have been extremely aware, in the kind of way that comes from the Spirit pricking you, that we haven't necessarily deserved the prosperity we've gained.  In fact, we've been more than lucky, we've been incredibly blessed.  We've been constantly conscious these entire 5 years of how much we owe to the generosity of our Heavenly Father, and how many other talented, humble, hard-working people have struggled through that whole stretch of time (or longer).

I've been grateful to have that feeling reminding me of whose arm I really rely on.  Though maybe it adds a little to that tension or reluctance to spend money, if I don't feel like it's completely mine.  But I don't mean to go on into deeper waters, just to bear that testimony that the Lord has been good to us in many, many ways.

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