Sunday, September 2, 2012

Goat Cheese Souffle

My version, which kept getting put back in the oven
Professional version

I might just make a post titled Life (Attempted) soon, because that seems to be the theme of real progress and the key to flourishing
but for today it's just a goat cheese souffle that didn't fail.  
I'm getting a little more confident with egg whites, and this was sooooo yummy compared to our one other previous try at a souffle, but we look forward to an even better iteration.

(We've been buying the cheapest, Costco-brand goat cheese just FYI, trying to indulge without splurging too much.  It's nice that Costco has a store-brand goat cheese, I was pretty thrilled when I discovered that.)

Also, today I feel like I played the organ really well, from prelude to pedals.  
I've mentioned before how sometimes I feel like a public failure up there, so it's pretty significant that I was happy with my performance and did more than just avoid embarrassment.  There's some more of that meaty Flourishing-Organ (Attempted) topic again.

In frugality, I'm ashamed to admit that all these years of eating canned pineapple, I've just been draining off the juice into the sink.  I'm now freezing it in ice cube trays and saving it for smoothies.  I'm also contemplating mixing it with my homemade yogurt into frozen pops.  Either way, no more wasting it.

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