Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Too Many Tomatoes

We're finally starting to get a few ripe tomatoes from our own garden -- just enough to snack on the cherry ones and have a few to slice up -- but I shouldn't have worried, because I ALWAYS underestimate the size of our friend's tomato crop.

We have a family friend who does a huge garden every year, enough that they're pretty predictably overrun with tomatoes right about now.  And, they just went out of town for the month and we're taking care of their garden.

I still haven't finished processing the tomatoes I picked two days ago, I didn't even finish picking all that was there that day, and I have a month still to go.


Though, my mom growing up had a cool machine to skin and seed the tomatoes for sauce, which I don't have, so doing it all by hand is slow slow going.  That's my excuse.

But if you hadn't guessed yet, we had spaghetti for dinner last night, along with a yellow squash or two.  Hey, it only cost the 50 cents for the pasta, and a little more for the onions and oil and spices.  I'm not sure if all the work is worth it -- I was pretty grumpy and snippy by the end of the day, what with tomato goop all over my counters and not one but two separate kids who wanted to make cookies/brownies -- but you can't argue with free, fresh, delicious spaghetti sauce.  Seize the day.  Or in this case, cook it and freeze it.

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