Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Managed to pull together our life a little, including food (Asian Chicken Salad), getting out my flute to play a little, and the unpleasant task of finding a lawyer for my upcoming trial.  (Word to the wise, always watch closely for stop signs or you might find yourself sued.)  I also managed to pull myself out of bed early this morning to do a P90X workout with my husband, who is beginning training for a Tough Mudder race in October.  I didn't really know what that involved until this weekend, when he showed me this video. Yikes.

So, life feels a little busy.  But it's good, too.  Besides the Asian salad last night (which I made with teriyaki chicken* instead of plain for the first time, why didn't I think of that before?), I also made some Snickers-like candy for Family Home Evening dessert.  The nougat didn't really have time to cool so it was more like sugar sludge, but it tasted great, and this morning it's hardened up in the fridge.  I felt very awesome making it.

What about saving money?  It remains to be seen whether hiring a lawyer out-of-pocket will be a money-saving or money-wasting choice; other than that I don't think I did anything specific yesterday.  We had a yard sale on Saturday, though, and I actually bothered to look up all the ISBN numbers on Amazon for the unsold books and will be mailing a few in for $6 worth of credit, which is certainly more than I would have gotten otherwise.  I want to buy this, so that'll help.  

I also found one ISBN that isn't eligible for trade-in but which only has one or two copies for private sale on the site, for over $100.  I don't think I'll pull that much in or anything, but it's worth posting my copy (OK, it's S.'s) and seeing what happens.

*An excellent recipe from my m-in-law, cooking chicken in equal parts water, soy sauce, and sugar

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