Monday, April 23, 2012

We're going to switch our Sunday meal habits from pancakes to a "real" dinner.  The Easter dinner that Sage made was such a success, we decided to continue and have our one main meat-y meal of the week be on Sunday.  S. can still take a load off my week by cooking the pancakes for us on Saturday morning instead, and the kids can start to be helpers and learn how to cook on their own.  We've tried to get them involved before on other days, but homework and various chores always weigh them down; Sunday is different, and it's a nice bonding time.
So, last night we had a yummy island spice rub recipe to put on a pork tenderloin, which Ian helped cook up.  It's probably a good thing we're starting now, it appears it may take a while for him to get really comfortable in the kitchen.  :)

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