Wednesday, March 21, 2012

To Gluten or Not?

Last night, we had stir-fry and teriyaki chicken.  I've avoided stir-fry for a little while since it's generally wasted on the kids' plates, but S. and I have sure missed it.
The night before that, Cuban black beans was our delish dish.  There are never any leftovers of that.

I also thought I'd post a quick exchange I had with one of my buds:

    • Do you use white wheat when replacing white flour, and do you add extra gluten?
  • 31 minutes ago
    • Hmm, it depends on the recipe and the day! I still have tons of red wheat supply to use up, so though I prefer the white, I just sort of alternate and grind a different color each time I refill. It doesn't make tons of difference since my kids were already used to red, white is just prettier (I aim to use it if it's for company or to give away).
      As for gluten, that ONLY matters in bread, as in, long-rising yeast types. Not cakes or cookies or muffins or cornbread, in fact, less gluten is better for those types. For my loaves, sometimes I put in a cup of bread flour to two cups of whole wheat, sometimes I do use gluten to get close to 100% whole wheat. Whatever doesn't divide evenly I just round out with plain white flour. If you use gluten, I've had success with a 2 T. per 3 cups ratio, and you HAVE to mix it dry before adding liquids or it just makes big globs.
      We have muffins and pancakes a lot, and we've found that we're fine with going all whole wheat for those, but cookies and cornbread not so much!
      Ha ha, enough detail for you?

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