Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Musical Fruit

I realize I'm not going to make any new converts or anything, but I think about beans a lot. I love 'em. I could probably eat them every day and be happy (at least on one end, right?). I also, by chance, really like to make lists. I've been known to make lists of what's in my purse, just for posterity, for example.

So here's my New Year's ode-list to beans:

Pork n' beans
Cuban black beans
Split pea soup
Baked beans
Lentil pottage
Caldo Verde
Black bean soup
Red beans with thyme and sausage
Bean burritos
7-layer dip
Classic white bean soup
Lamb and lentils

And here's a general pictorial representation of what we ate this past week. Except for all the bananas.

08.11.18%2BChicken%2BCacciatore%2BFusilli%2B1.jpgChicken cacciatore

Banana+Oatmeal.jpgButterscotch oatmeal

Black-Bean-Soup-Three-007-1024x768.jpgBlack bean soup

orange-roughy-in-wine-sauce.jpgFlounder with lemon-mustard sauce

polentamaple_jpg_300x300_crop_q85.jpgCornmeal mush -- 'polenta' -- with real maple syrup

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  1. Sounds good to me! I've been craving beans too, lately, for some reason.