Sunday, September 6, 2009

School, week 2

Our camera is inaccessible for the moment, so I can't post the picture I took of last week's featured recipe. But since I never get tired of lists, I'll continue last week's theme and record my upcoming menus (just with less play-by-play).

Monday: Italian sausage with penne and marinara sauce, green beans
Tuesday: Carrot soup*, sourdough bread
Wednesday: Beef stroganoff*, acorn squash
Thursday: Split pea soup, vegetable gratin
Friday: Baked potato wedges, carrot slaw
Saturday: Pizza, zucchini
Sunday: Bacon, pancakes and applesauce
(*yes, I have some sour cream that I HAVE to use up soon or throw out)

Though in terms of menus, I should be explicit that the lack of desserts actually does represent a lack of eating them, with the exception of one Family Home Evening refreshment night per week, usually ice cream or storebought cookies. (I know I have few readers, but at least one of them will be shocked by that word in there, "storebought"...)

Sometime soon I'll probably do breakfasts and trip food. Until then, happy Labor Day!

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